UK Cannabis Vape Market Analysis

UK Cannabis Vape Market Analysis

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United Kingdom Cannabis Vape Market Analysis Report (Date of Report 25/03/2020)

Table of contents:

Executive summary 5
1. General market overview 6
2. Market regulation 10
2.1. Cannabis regulation acts and institutions 11
2.2. Legal status of cannabis (incl. cannabis, CBD and THC) 12
2.3. Import/Export restrictions and local moving 15
3. Medical cannabis industry overview 17
3.1. Number of medical cannabis consumers 20
3.2. Approved medical cannabis suppliers 22
4. CBD industry companies 28
4.1. Domestic CBD companies 29
4.2. Import CBD companies 33
5. Most widespread brands and products 36
5.1. Cannabis vape products distributors 36
5.2. CBD e-liquid brands popularity 45
5.3. –°annabis vaporizer brands distribution 49
5.4. –°annabis vaporizer models distribution 52
5.5. Most popular cannabis vape liquids and devices 56
6. Conclusions 60

UK Cannabis Vape Market Analysis describes the key features of CBD market regulation, the legal status and upcoming trends for separate CBD and cannabis products in the UK. General market overview includes information on the total number of CBD consumers and prescriptions for cannabis-based medicine in the UK and evaluates the existing situation in the UK cannabis and hemp industry. The research also contains a detailed procedure for importing and exporting CBD and medicinal cannabis products, defines the major legislation acts governing UK cannabis and hemp industry and lists approved medicinal cannabis suppliers. There is also a list of top 26 domestic and top 22 import CBD companies, Top 46 CBD engaged ditributors..The report also specifies the most popular CBD products, namely CBD vape oils and CBD vaping devices with their main distributors within the UK territory. The research conclusions also contain a market prognosis and major trends for both CBD and medicinal cannabis markets.

Executive summary excerpt:
Our research has revealed that the UK CBD and medicinal cannabis market is among the largest and most interesting to similarly sized markets in the world. The market is full of contradictions and paradoxes. Being one of the leading and most progressive countries, the UK has not enacted legislation which would provide UK customers with high-quality CBD products, preferring instead to use existing regulatory frameworks for drugs to apply oversight. At the same time, it affords easy access to any CBD products with some slight age and advertising restrictions. Exporting the largest amount of medicinal pharmaceutical cannabis in the world, the UK imports almost all other medicinal cannabis for domestic patients from other countries. With the potential to cultivate huge areas under cannabis, the UK hemp industry remains one of the smallest in Europe. 

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