German cannabis vape market overview

German cannabis vape market overview

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Table of contents:
1. Medical cannabis industry overview 6
2. Regulation 8
3. Companies 12
3.1. Approved medical cannabis companies 12
3.2. Medical cannabis suppliers 14
3.3. Domestic cannabis companies 16
3.4. Import cannabis companies 17
3.5. Main distributors and sellers of canna relative devices 19
3.6. Main CBD vape shops 20
4. Bestsellers 21
4.1. Most popular types and brands of devices 21
4.2. Most popular brands of cannabis vape oil 38
5.Cannabis market prognosis 39

Products sold in 2019 in Germany as medical cannabis without a marketing authorization included:
• Whole flower
• Flower used for magistral preparations dispensed in pharmacies
• Ground flower
• Full-spectrum extracts
• Magistral preparations that contain dronabinol.
• Sativex and Canemes are sold in several European countries as registered medicines.

In this Report presented data about medical and recreational cannabis products available on the market at the date of report.
Report include list of main players engaged in cannabis supply chain (both medical and non-medical) in Germany.

Executive summary:
Medical cannabis in Germany allowed by prescription. CBD tinctures and CBD vape oils allowed to sell without prescription. German medical canabis industry has no registry of patients. Estimated number of medical cannabis consumers defined in range from 12,000 to as high as 60,000. No domestic cultivation currently takes place in Germany, and the first German harvest is not expected until the end of 2020, meaning the market is fully dependent on imports. Even when domestic production starts functioning, it isn’t expected to be enough to meet actual demand, so imports likely will be needed to cover the gap.

CBD oil in Germany popular in Germany only in consumer group 40+ years. Most popular form of CBD oil is tincture. CBD vape oil offers limited due to low popularirty. Main category of vaporizers in Germany is dry herb vaporizers. CBD vape oil vaporizers and CBD vape liquids also presented on the market but it's needed special marketing solutions to promote this type of products for consumer group 20-40 years. Only several brands of CBD vape oil is presented on the market, but only one is bestseller because of earliest date of entering the market.

Medical cannabis cultivation market is closed for now, no domestic cultivation currently takes place in Germany, and the first German harvest is not expected until the end of 2020. But new CBD oil company has large potential to enter the market, level of competition not so high. 

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