Comprehensive landscaping report (heat-not-burn) overview

Comprehensive landscaping report (heat-not-burn) overview

This report provides information on Heated Tobacco Products (HTP) industry in China. It includes the actual and constantly updated information on the state of the industry in China.

The reports contain the following information:

  1. The data about developers and manufacturers of the related products, including the general information, manufacturing capacity, R&D activities, the products released.
  2. The product cards (including unreleased products and products in development) with the detailed specifications and relevant data.
  3. Custom teardown reports.
  4. Analysis of the current state of the industry and upcoming trends.  

The information presented in the report is based on the data received from the Wingle Innovative Monitoring System (WIMS).

Additional information is obtained from the sources inside the factories, the companies developing related products and solutions for such products, China-based distributors and traders, CNTC and connected companies. The information is verified through the open official sources, online resources and databases, and the information obtained at the industry show, exhibitions and conferences. 

The samples for the key products presented in this report are thoroughly tested by the Wingle engineering team.

The report is being updated. The actual information is being included in updates, reflecting changes in the related market.

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