Using global research sources and ideas to advance internal R&D and product development in vaping industry.
This report consist of recent potential innovation ideas that could be implemented in modern vaping industry.

“Blue Sky” monitoring offers a snapshot of academic and other novel research that is taking place around the world, that could potentially have application in the future development and manufacturing of all vaping, heat-not-burn, traditional tobacco, nicotine, cannabis and other legal alkaloids used by adults.

There are a number of different scientific and technical ideas from across a vast array of scientific and technical forums that forms a starting place for research into tobacco, vaping, heat-not-burn, nicotine and cannabis products, as well as the ever-growing range of complex components and parts that make up these products, and how these products are used by adult consumers.

Many companies in the tobacco, nicotine and vaping space have the benefit of scientists and technicians, and other specialist advisors that focus on base research and development, novel product development, product design and the behavioral analysis on how consumers use these new technologies and products. All companies can benefit from understanding what is being published and what has potential application in these fields. With directed focus on a company’s primary commercial objectives, these internal teams are constantly responding to product development and new product needs driven by other competitors, manufacturers, suppliers, consumers and the regulator, and consequently may miss unique development opportunities outside of their sphere of interest.

This review is designed to highlight old recent key studies and technologies that could spur internal new product development tracks for companies, spur ideas for applications of these technologies to current products and their manufacture, or highlight new areas for novel commercial research and partnerships that companies may wish to consider in their future planning cycle.

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