The research services in category of E-products provide an exhaustive summary on vaping industry products: vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, e-liquids. The data presented in reports contains information on:

  • a comprehensive insight in the latest industry trends, launch of new and innovative vaping devices, start-ups and new developments;
  • key market players performance and competitive landscape;
  • analysis of the impact of a wide range of factors influencing the vape market drivers and development;
  • the sales of vape products based on product type, distribution channel and regional market;
  • flavor preferences of consumers and bestselling products; 
  • import dynamics of vaping products to the main consumer markets;
  • investments and growth opportunities for the vape market in the short-term and long-term prospects.

The research carried out by the Wingle Group analysts is based on data from open sources, collected, processed and presented in an understandable form, visualizing the main trends and dynamics in the market. Reports in this category demonstrate the laboriousness of complex analysis and applicability of tracking systems specially designed by the Wingle Group, which is very helpful for industry decision makers.

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