Alternatives Research

In the beginning, alternative vaping products (non-tobacco and non-nicotine products) were developed to help smoking cessation, by mimicking the habitual shape of a cigarette without delivering addictive nicotine or toxic chemicals; though later on they became a safer way to provide additional health benefits, like nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This category of research provides substantial and comprehensive insight in the latest industry trends of combining botanicals or nutrients with vaping focusing on:

  • genesis of alternative vaping;
  • development of nicotine replacement methods;
  • scientific studies on the effects of alternative products;
  • regional preferences and peculiarities in alternatives trade;
  • analysis of growth drivers of the market segment;
  • brands positioning and product differentiation;
  • suppliers of botanical e-liquids.

The research is completely original and conducted by the Wingle Group multilingual analysis team using as the source of official data – government institutions publications, scientific papers, company and brand official websites, articles and surveys. The study shows the prevalence of nutrients and herbal extracts, the competitiveness of brands in different markets, and the preference for alternative products by product type. Reports in this category combine open data, vaping expert opinion, and analytical results based on the survey of the products.

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