The Vaping Device Classification System

The Vaping Device Classification System encompasses four classes of devices including three electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS):

  • conventional-look devices (CLs); hereinafter, cig-a-likes;
  • advance personal vaporizers (APVs), mods falling under this category;
  • electronic hookahs (EHs); and
  • herbal / wax / oil vaporizers (HWOVs).
  • hybrid Devices  (HDs)

Each device consists of two major components:

  • an vaporizer (E); and
  • power supply (P)

attached to each other by a connector.  The vaporizer includes an atomizer (a unit for liquid vaporization and atomization), a tank, air ducts, wires, controls and a mouthpiece.  The power supply assembly includes one or more batteries, displays, wires and controls.  Each connector has two interfaces, one mated to a vaporizer and the other to the power supply. 

Overall view of our classification system is shown in Figure 1 where the four vaping device classes are depicted along each other. 


Figure 1

Vaping Devices Classification System


Figure 2
Vaping Devices Classification Scheme

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