Summary of Vaporizer Attributes

Full category name: Vaporizer Attributes of Cig-a-likes (CLs), Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs), E-Hookahs (EHs) and Herbal Vaporizers (HWOVs) (Group 2)


This section includes description of the second group of attributes applicable to vaporizers of CLs, APVs, EHs, HWOVs and HDs.  This group is coded using five alphanumeric symbols for CLs, APVs, EHs, HWOVs or HDs.

Hyphen (-) is used in our classification system as a divider between the second and third groups of symbols.  Continuing the example shown in Section 1.4 for a modular APV with a serviceable coil and a threaded connector, the first and second code groups (with the dividers between the first and the second and the second and the third groups) for APV of this category with a single-section clearomizer and high output, with external control, adjustable air flow, non-adjustable liquid feed and multiple upper coils, we designate this device with the following first two code groups and respective dividers:


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