Summary of Overall Device Attributes

Full category name: Overall Device Attributes

1.3         Summary

This chapter includes a description of the first attribute group that is applicable to all the devices of each class.  The first three symbols of our coding system are allocated to this attribute group for each device class.  The other two attribute groups are discussed in Chapters 2 and 3 for CLs, APVs, EHs, HWOVs, and HDs.  Attributes of vaporizers and power supplies discussed in Chapters 2 and 3, respectively and coded as individual units are identical to their attributes when coded as major components of vaping devices.

Forward slash (/) is used in our classification system as a divider between the first and second group of symbols.  For example, the first code group with a divider from the second group for a modular APV with a serviceable coil and a threaded connector is


Codes presented in this chapter allow us for distinguishing between disposable and multiple-use devices.  Specifically, single-piece non-refillable devices are disposable, while single-piece refillable and modular devices are multiple-use ones.

In the next two chapters, we discuss attributes of vaporizers and power supplies for all the five vaping device classes (CLs, APVs, EHs, HWOVs and HDs).  Following the concept outlined in Introduction, when coding vaporizers or power supplies as individual units, we use the same codes when coding them within APV coding procedure as major APV components. 


Overall Device Attributes
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